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    Help your body

    • 100% natural herbal ingredients provide effective action
    • Immediate and prolonged action
    • It is easily absorbed, leaves no residue
    • Pleasant smell with the secrets of aromacology
    • Delicate texture
    • No parabens


    • сream eliminates pain and swelling in the joints and reduces inflammation, restores damaged connective tissue, improves joint mobility
    • natural menthol from peppermint leaves reduces swelling, pain.
    • essential oils of juniper berries and fir gently warms and stimulates the local blood supply. White willow bark extract is a natural anti-inflammatory agent
    • natural lanolin, B-carotene (provitamin A), D-panthenol (vitamin B complex) improves tissue elasticity, promote regeneration, healing and repair of damaged tissues
    • virgin olive oil delivers active ingredients into the deeper layers for maximum effect of the cream


    • personal intolerance

    Recommendation for use:

    Store in a dry, dark place at a temperature 5-20º C.

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