• Normal view:


    • size 31x52 cm
    • height of the rollers: total (with blocks) - 9х14 cm, without blocks – 5x10 cm
    • top pillowcase from natural bamboo fiber with enhanced softness, antimicrobial and hygroscopic properties
    • memory effect «Memory Foam»
    • adjustable in height by means of additional blocks (1,5 and 2,5 cm)
    • special anatomical shape provides the ideal position of the spine preventing pain in the neck
    • Anti pressure effect
    • Antistress
    • hypoallergenic


    • pain in the cervical spine and other parts of the spine
    • prevention of spinal diseases
    • consult a specialist before use


    • personal intolerance

    Recommendation for use:

    Dry cleaning. Do not expose to direct sunlight or heating devices. Keep away from excessive moisture. After exposure to cold it recovers its features completely

    Recommendations for care

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